6 Different Ways To Use Cannabidiol (CBD)

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When you venture out into the world of CBD oil products, you may get overwhelmed at how many ways there are to use it. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you make a more educated decicion on what would be the best method for you to take CBD oil.

There are a whole lot of different brands coming out of the wood works and selling their own variations of CBD oil, and they all look similar with different branding behind them. So picking the right type of CBD oil isn’t that difficult, just check the ingredients and look for something with the right dosage for the price and all natural, organic ingredients (try to avoid any types of glycerin or glycol).

To purchase CBD oil online is easy, but, you’ll need to know how you want to use the CBD oil once you have it in your hands. It’s important to know how you want to use it so you don’t waste a lot of it on ways that could be something you’re not too fond of, but that’s probably why you’re reading this, you’re researching ways to use CBD oil and that’s great!

The one thing you’ll need to focus on is what type of concentration you’ll want to use. If you’re use to using CBD oil, a higher concentration might be better for you, but not always. Just because you use CBD oil a lot doesn’t mean the highest concentration might be best for you, you might actually prefer the lower concentration oil because of how it makes you feel. If you’re just starting off, you’ll want to use a lower concentration and work your way up the list until you find the perfect oil for yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

Which oil is your perfect match?

Remember, every brand is going to be pushing similar products, so you’ll need to look past the branding and get down to the statistics and reviews when choosing the right match that works best for you. You’ll need to look up reviews on products to figure out what people are saying after their own purchases. Personal reviews on 3rd party websites is what you’ll need to look for, don’t look for reviews on the sellers website because they could have been written by the owner of the products.

After you choose the right company or website to purchase from, you’ll still need to figure out which product is best for you. Many companies are offering many different ways to use CBD oils such as taking capsules, using lotions, using tinctures, applying topicals, using sprays, and even vaping the oil. Deciding you want to use CBD oils and picking the right brand isn’t the stressful part of this operation, choosing the right way to use the oil can be where you wrack your brain. Don’t stress out, that’s why we are writing up this article for you, so you can make a more educated decision on which method is best for you.

We decided to break down this article into a few different sections, each section being a different way to use CBD oil. Each section will go over what the method and product is, when it’s the most effective time to use the oils, and how you should be using each method properly.

Here are the top 6 ways people prefer to use CBD oil, in no particular order:

  • Capsules
  • Concentrates
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals
  • Sprays
  • Vaping

When you decide to purchase one of these, we highly recommend that you should do your own research all of the time and figure out what clinical trials came up with with each type of CBD and/or hemp extract. This is because you will get the the reviews from first person experience as well as scientific studies backing what others are saying.

CBD Capsules
Capsules have been around for a while because they are possibly the easiest way to take a medication, vitamin, oils, etc. This is a preferred way to take CBD oils because you just swallow a couple small pills and you’re done, you don’t have to keep reapplying a topical ointment or lotion, you don’t have to mess with concentrates or tinctures, you’re just taking a couple capsules and you’re on your way.

A typical capsule has between 10 and 25mg of CBD within it. Since the capsules are smaller, you can easily manage how much CBD oil you’re taking each day. This is a great way to take CBD oil because you can increase your daily intake and know exactly how much you’re boosting it by.

If you really want to, you can use tinctures as well as capsules to increase your daily dosage because both are easily measured.

How to use capsules:
It’s pretty straight forward when it comes to capsules, you just have to take a few by mouth with a little bit of water if you really need it, and you’re done.

CBD Topicals
More and more brands are coming out with CBD topicals such as lotions, salve, and lip balms because of the benefits it has on someones skin. CBD topicals are also known to help people out with chronic pain and inflammation as well as psoriasis, acne, anti-aging, and even cancer treatment.

When searching for a topical CBD you should look over the labels for keywords such as Encapsulation, Micellization of CBD, and Nano Technology. This basically means that the CBD can get through your dermal layer rather than just sitting on top of your skin and not really working the way you hoped it would.

There are CBD topicals that are made specifically for the top of your skin, so if you wanted it to penetrate, you’ll need to search for specific types in order to have the best results.

How to use topicals:
CBD topicals are to be used just like a lotion or topical medication. You can use it when you think it’s the right time or have a specific schedule to use it for a skin condition you’re trying to cure. You will need to apply it generously to the area, just remember the more you use, the more CBD will be going into your system or sitting on your skin.

CBD Tinctures
People like using tinctures because it’s probably the most pure form of CBD oil someone can take. This is because the manufacturers of the oil won’t do any separate processing of the CBD oil, making it more “pure” and that’s what a lot of people like. A lot of companies will add a little bit of flavor to their tinctures so it’s a little more enjoyable to ingest, which people like.

A tincture can be used by placing a few drops under your tongue, making the dosage range as high or low as you would like. Usually, people will dose between 100mg to 1000mg when using tinctures so we would recommend you do your own research on this method to make sure it’s right for you, but you’re here so that means you’re well on your way to figure out what the best application is for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Some people don’t like this method because of the whole process. They don’t like the act of using a dropper to apply a few drops under your tongue, so if that’s not something you think you’d like to do, tinctures might not be for you.

How to use tinctures:
Tinctures are a quick application of CBD oil because you’re applying the oil right under your tongue and it will be ingested immediately. All you have to do is place a few drops under your tongue, or inside your cheeks, and let it sit for a little while.

CBD Concentrates
When you talk about a concentrate, you know that it hasn’t been diluted in any sort of way, and this means you will likely get the strongest form of the product you’re purchasing. This is the same with CBD oils and can have more than 10x the concentration when you compare it to other CBD products. When talking about concentrates, they fall in the same “ease of use” category as tinctures and capsules because of how easy they are to take and having no mess when done.

The one downside of concentrates is that they don’t usually have a flavor to them, making them different than tinctures which usually have some sort of flavor adding in for easier consumption. This is one reason that a decent amount of people avoid using concentrates, because they don’t like the flavor of concentrated CBD oils. One reason beginners avoid using concentrated CBD oils is because they are a little intimidating due to the fact they look like syringes.

CBD concentrates are more popular among people who want to use CBD oils but are too busy in their day to day life to use other methods. They want a high potency CBD oil, so they take a concentrate and get along with their day.

How to use concentrates:
Using concentrates is pretty much the same as a tincture, you place them under your tongue or within your cheek and ingest it over time.

CBD Sprays
When you’re deciding to use CBD sprays, you must know that this method has the lowest concentration of CBD within it. The average concentration of CBD within a spray is 1mg to 3mg, which isn’t a whole lot. Trying to measure the amount of CBD you’re taking, when using CBD sprays, it’s a fairly difficult process. Sprays aren’t very consistent when it comes to the application process, so you have to ball park the amount you’re taking and carry on.

CBD sprays are more popular for when someone is traveling, since it’s easier to spray a few times into your mouth instead of using a tincture or concentrate while on the road.

How to use sprays:
This is a pretty easy application method, you just spray a couple squirts into your mouth and you’re done. Each application is usually 2 or 3 sprays at a time, but you can do less or more if you really want to.

CBD Vaping
Vaping has been around for a bit of time now, and is getting more and more popular as time goes on. Vaping CBD oils actually produces the highest bioavailability (more CBD reaches your bloodstream) because it goes directly from the lungs to the bloodstream and avoids the loss of potency due to the digestive first pass effect. Some people actually prefer this method to all others because they feel it’s a quicker way to get the CBD into your system and doesn’t have a delayed reaction such as capsules and topicals.

Depending on the mechanism you’re using to vape your CBD oils, you can usually adjust the amount of oil you’re using with each puff, which makes it fairly easy to manage but difficult to actually pin point how much CBD you’re inhaling due to the fact you’re not getting 100% of the oil you’re inhaling.

How to vape CBD oils:
If you want to go the vaping method, you will need an e-cigarette, a vaporizer, or the more popular item a cbd oil vape pen. You’ll basically just heat up the oil and it will turn into a vapor, then you inhale it. It’s a very easy method to use when you want to ingest CBD oil because the mechanism you’re using will do all the work for you, you just have to press a button and inhale.

Other methods to take CBD oil that aren’t as popular:
Gel Pens
CBD Patches

Of these 4 other methods listed above, edibles are getting more and more popular among people who want to ingest CBD. This is because the edibles usually taste great, since they can come in the form of brownies or cookies lol. One reason edibles aren’t in one of the top 5 methods is because the consistency of the intake is difficult to measure since you’re usually putting the CBD into food and that means you tend to make bigger batches of these edibles and not a single one.

Among the other types of CBD products, edibles are gaining a lot of popularity as they offer an enjoyable and tasteful way to take CBD. However, the main problem with these applications is that itรญs hard to vouch for the consistency of your intake compared to the other types listed above.

If you want to take CBD oils, one of the top 5 methods to take them will likely be one for you. Capsules are great for people who don’t want to apply topicals like lotions and Tinctures or Concentrates are great for those who want to apply just a few drops within their mouth and have a more noticeable effect from the CBD oils. Vaping is getting much more popular due to viral videos on YouTube and other video sharing websites, so if that looks like something you’d prefer I would suggest trying it out since it’s much more user friendly.

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