The Wonderful World Of Terpenes

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Terpenes within Cannabis, what are they and what do they do?

Terpenes are normally known because they are contained within fruit and Wino’s love talking about them. But did you know that there are over 200 terpenes within Cannabis and they are one of the reasons that Marijuana can be used for medicinal uses? Well, this is a fact that not many people know about, and we will be covering it in this discussion. We will also give you a link to buy terpene enhanced cbd oil cartridges online.

Many people have heard wine producers talk about terpenes and how they make the wine taste different, depending on how many terpenes are contained within the grapes they are using for specific batches. Did you know there are terpenes in many different types of fruit, not just grapes? Well, if there are many different types of food and plants that have terpenes within them, I guess it’s not that shocking to find out there are terpenes within Cannabis!

What exactly are Terpenes?

There are varying types of people, some are more of chemists and use bunsen burners for their candlelight dinners, while others aren’t too familiar with anything to do with Chemistry. It doesn’t matter what level of knowledge you have when it comes to terpenes and Chemistry, but you can’t turn your head away from the fact that science has a big influence on the wine, and cannabis, industries!

Like I mentioned above, terpenes can be found in many different plants and fruit, not just grapes. Terpenes are a class of molecules which are typically a group of 10 to 15 carbon atoms. Isoprene, which is another organic compound created/produced by plants, is what builds up these atoms. Terpenes are extremely volatile, and that simply means they will evaporate extremely fast when exposed to air. If they weren’t so volatile, you wouldn’t be able to smell them as well when putting a glass of wine under your nose. Another way to understand this is to think of flowers and how they smell. Flowers have terpenes, which are volatile, and you can smell them well because of it.

Terpenes can also be found in many everyday items you probably have around the house. Do you have anything containing menthol in your bathroom cabinets? Well, there’s a very high chance the item that has menthol within it, also has terpenes in it too! Numerous things to do with aromatherapy also contain terpenes.

Terpenes are also found within varnishes as well, you know, the things that are used to put a finish on furniture and wood instruments. Terpenes are found in foods that typically have a high beta-carotene volume, such as carrots lettuce, sweet potatoes, mangoes, peaches, broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes. If you remember that the more intense the color of the fruit, the more terpenes it generally has within it. Now, don’t think that fruits and vegetables are the only things that have terpenes because herbs and spices have them too! These herbs and spices, other than cannabis, are mint, basil, and rosemary.

How the Terpenes Work

Terpenes have been researched for a long time, and they have been found to interact with the endocannabinoid system similar to how cannabinoids do. Remember, cannabinoids are the active chemicals you can find within marijuana. When terpenes are ingested or inhaled, they help the cannabinoids get through the blood-brain barrier, a barrier that is within you which has a specific job of blocking the absorption of some specific substances. Terpenes also have the ability to influence the brains neurotransmitters, which helps regulate the release of serotonin and dopamine, which can alter your moods.

There are dozens of different types of terpenes within cannabis, but, there are also hundreds of different variations with it as well. This is also true for terpenes in other plants as well, and a good example of that is the difference between oranges and lemons. Both of these fruits contain the terpene limonene, but lemons smell and taste more tart while oranges smell and taste sweeter.

Terpenes Within Cannabis

Cannabis is, surprisingly enough, an amazing source of terpenes which are a great benefit to everyone’s health. Just like fruit, Cannabis of different strains has different types of terpenes. This is the same reason that different strains have unique flavors, aromas, and benefits within them.

Some of the most common types:

Beta-Caryophyllene or BCP: This type of terpene helps activate your CB2 receptors which can be found in the endocannabinoid system. This is the first FDA approved, non-psychoactive, cannabinoid that is used for dietary purposes. BCP is used primarily as an anti-inflammatory, which means it helps with swelling and pain.

Alpha-Pinene: This can be found in Sage, Rosemary, and Cannabis and used as a topical antiseptic for your skin. It has been known to help by increasing your mental energy as well as acting as a natural bronchodilator. So if you’re smoking some cannabis with Alpha-pinene, you will be breathing a little bit easier.

Limonene: We mentioned this a bit earlier when talking about lemons and oranges, but we’ll talk a little more. This terpene is thought to be a sort of anti-carcinogen, which helps fight cancer (which we are all for). This terpene has also been linked to having anti-fungal, anti-depressant and anti-bacterial effects when ingested. This is a pretty common terpene for us since it’s found in not only cannabis but most citrus fruits, peppermint, and juniper.

Myrcene: This is the terpene is what can be found in menthol and lemongrass, which is also used in a lot of perfumes and colognes, surprisingly enough. This terpene has many benefits, two of them being antiseptic and anti-microbial properties. It’s also been used as an anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory as well as fight carcinogens.

Linalool: Have you ever smelled something like lavender? Well, that’s where Linalool can be found! This terpene can be noticed when you have a calming feeling overcome you after smoking cannabis. It’s similar to a sedative and relaxes you completely. Not only does it calm you, but if you have a tumor, it can help slow or stop the growth of it by inducing a cell-cycle arrest. It basically helps kill cancer by having the cells fight each other.

Use terpenes for a higher high

It doesn’t matter if you’re eating a piece of fruit or smoking some cannabis, you’re going to be ingesting terpenes at some point. When it comes to the terpenes within cannabis, they are a little wilder than what you would find in a piece of fruit like a lemon or an orange. Myrcene actually has the ability to increase cell permeability which helps with the absorption of THC at a faster rate, giving you a higher high.

Are you a fan of mangos? Well, did you know that if you eat just one mango around an hour before you plan on smoking, you can have a higher high due to the terpenes within the fruit itself? This is why the mango got the nickname “The Stone Fruit”!

This effect isn’t just beneficial for people with high tolerances and wants to get a higher high, it also helps with medical marijuana users. For people who smoke often, they will grow a tolerance and that is no different with medical marijuana. The more you smoke, the less the pain will dissipate, but it will always help alleviate it to some extent. Throw a mango into the mix and you will always notice medicinal marijuana doing its job! Not only do mangos taste delicious, they can now help with pain by pretty much boosting the effects of the medical marijuana you’d be smoking.

Having mangos sitting around, already chopped up, will likely help when you have the munchies after smoking. Not only will the terpenes give you a better high, the fruit itself is delicious and is much healthier for you than a bag of chips. So now you can be healthy, increase your high and have a delicious treat all at the same time after you smoke.

In Conclusion:
Terpenes have been found in various fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They have many different benefits such as increasing your high as well as help boost cancer-fighting cannabinoids by passing through the barriers that would previously suppress them. Terpenes, like cannabis, can be found in various different styles and strains, making each of them useful for different situations and ailments. Terpenes and Cannabis are great together because they only help each other out, there’s never been a case where they fight each other.

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